AMOSTA CONNECT PROGRAM is a a program whereby we as Amosta company connect with our end users and enable them to experience our products and services thereby giving business opportunity to all intermediaries who are involved. All those involved in between who help us connect to our customers are our ACP Partners. Anyone who has some ambition and wants to start on his/her own or wants to do part time business or supplement his or her income can apply. We provide business opportunity for one and all and hence anyone can start with nil investment and grow up the ladder.
Investment as per roles and responsibilities described against each profile.
Earning potential as per investment of time and money elaborated with each profile.

With Amosta Connect, You Can Be

ACP Sales is the sales partner who is the feet on street partner.

  • Minimum 18 years of age, citizen of India.
  • Able to read, write and speak any one local Indian language in the territory.
  • His own Amosta ID Card @ Rs 1200/-
Expectations from ACP – Sales:
  • Educate the customers about products and services.
  • Carry out sales/collection/repeat sales as per sales procedure.
  • Customer relation and basic on-going Customer Service.
  • Co-ordinate with after sales services to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Attend time to time sales and technical training programs.
  • Achieve a minimum sales target of 100 cards per month .
  • He needs to sign Amosta ACP agreement and get his card made by paying 1200/- .
  • He needs to maintain data secrecy and sanctity .
  • He will be provided a sales kit consisting brochures/sales aid/technical videos/product videos @ payment of 1499/- to enhance his sales.
  • He also has a choice of attending time to time training as conducted by Amosta either at HO or nearby his location as the case may be.
  • Part time or Full time working Hour.
Business @ 99,999/-
The investment required to start a Amosta Sewa Kendra
Every Seva Kendra will be a modular unit and will consist of the following:
  • Solar computer with printer
  • Web camera and fingerprint scanner
  • Chair, stool and branding material with display panels
  • Training material and program
  • Training on servicing of Amosta Products and Luxit LED lights
  • LED digital signage for advertisement/information display

Business Model for Amosta Seva Kendra

  • Provide service in field of verification/local residence verification/police verification
  • The above ensures a revenue of Rs 6-7000 ($100) per month.
  • Sourcing verified task force for metros and A class cities.
  • Selling products made by Amosta/Luxit and allied companies.
  • Servicing set up for Amosta/Luxit/allied products.
  • Sourcing patients for Samvedana Palliative Centres.
  • Digital signage advertisement revenue.
  • Opening of local franchise either self or investor model.

ACP System Integrator Partner (ACP – SI) is the sales partner who not only sells our products but also have a team of at least 10 ACP-X who do the execution. In this case he has to have facility for data entry with all the 10 location partner and a person per location who needs to be trained on data entry.

  • The basic requirements and expectation as above per ACP-X Points.
  • Coordination with all ACP-X and ACP-Sales under him to achieve business goals.
  • Collective target expectation from the ACP-X in his network.
  • Collective Investment of 20000/- per ACP-X.
  • Collective Stock of 5000/- per ACP-X.

ACP Distributor Partner (ACP – D) is the sales partner who invests in our business by buying prepaid coupons. he may or may not conduct operations. if he conducts operations then he also gets operation margins.

  • Minimum 18 Years of Age, Citizen of India.
  • Able to Read, Write and Speak any one Indian Local Language in the territory.
Expectations from ACP – D:
  • Carry out stocks as per requirement .
  • State distributor will be aligned to 10 ACP-X or one SI and needs to invest Rs 500000 .
  • Regional distributor will be aligned to 50 ACP-X or one or 2 ACP-SI and needs to invest Rs 2000000 .
  • National distributor will be aligned to 100 ACP-X or 4 ACP-SI and needs to invest Rs 5000000 .
  • The prime responsibility of distributor is to deliver E-coupons / physical coupons to ACP-SI / ACP-X or ACP-Sales as the case maybe.
  • He has to collect money from the ACP-X / SI / Sales.

ACP Marketing Partner is a partner who is not directly involved in sales but aids in sales.

  • Help in generating sales by introducing new clients through contacts, relationships, networking.
  • Initial Liaison and Ongoing coordination between Customers and parent company Amosta to have smoother transaction.
  • Maintain relationships with customers .
  • Carry out marketing activities as and when required directly or indirectly with consultation of Amosta.

ACP Liaison Partner is a partner who is a part of Marketing Partner and is associated with only introducing customers.

Revenue Generation:
  • One time commission deal to deal basis.
  • Apart from the above Amosta may carry time to time marketing / promo activities to boost sales and assign funds for that program.