E-way bill stands for Electronic Way Bill which is usually a unique bill number generated for the specific consignment involving the movement of goods exceeding INR 50,000. We provide E-way Bill cloud-based application and APIs for all types of businesses catering to your specific business requirements.

One click E-Way Bills Generation for your invoices

Our GST application enables its end users to do filing of GST returns seamlessly with GST compliances and rules. GSTRoboTM-GST Application is a comprehensive solution which has various data validation checks to ensure data accuracy without any manual intervention. It allows you to create and send Digital Invoices and comes with a Light Weight Mobile Application.

User Friendly Interface

The easy user-friendly interface of apps will let you Update Part B details, Extend Validity, initiate multi-vehicle, create consolidated E-Way Bill, Cancel E-Way Bill in case of any mistake, Create Manifest and even Update Transporter Details.

Bulk Upload or Integration with ERPs

We provide Bulk Upload or Integration with ERPs for importing your invoices. Uploading data and data filling module has been specifically developed as per user’s convenience and is extremely handy and fast.

Creating & Sharing E-invoice via e-mail

No need to generate E-way Bill and E-invoice separately, Create and Share your E-invoice and E-way Bill to your transporter and consignee via E-mail.


Update transporter, Update Vehicle Number and Extend Validity on the go from mobile app or cloud application. Mobile apps enable Consignors, Transporters and Consignees in getting real-time updates for the movement of goods.

Besides Consignee and Transporter, you will stay updated with each movement of goods after connecting with us.

Key Features